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As a buyer in the Life Settlement market you will face substantial competition. With the uncorrelated nature of this asset class to equities, property and bond markets while fulfilling an Institutional appetite for alternative investment exposure and diversification, interest in this asset class is expected to see unparalleled growth over the coming years. Life Settlement Acquisitions (LS Acquisitions) is a specialized service provider within the US Life Settlement marketplace. Connecting existing Life Settlement Funders to a National Provider network is where we focus our attention. Our goal is for our client to acquire the highest quality life policies at the greatest discount while using strict due diligence to eliminate any "non actuarial events" during the life of the transaction. Read more about the benefits that LS Acquisitions can offer you.

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Latest News:

Life Settlement Acquisitions has partnered with PP Financing, a specialty financing company located in the UK. PP Financing is a firm specializing in providing bespoke financing solutions for development funding and loan facilities for investment funds and asset backed bonds. Using innovative financing structures they provide flexible and unique opportunities for corporate entities looking to raise significant capital, particularly specializing with the Life Settlement Market. Funds are available at up to 6 to 1 leverage with a competitive interest rate.

Life Settlement Acquisitions is responsible for all individual and portfolio purchases funded through the financing structure. These responsibilities include policy intake case management, asset valuation, due diligence review and coordinating the closing of the transaction between legal, actuarial, and securities intermediary partners.

To find out how the insertion of leverage into your existing or newly contemplated Life Settlement policy purchases can substantially increase overall yield and cash flows, please contact Charley Irwin at 800/785-0335 or charley.irwin@lsacquisitions.com